Quail Hunting A Unique Experience!

Quail Hunting A Unique Experience!

Male QuailQuail hunting is a unique sport. Due to the distinctive intelligence of quails, it takes a technique that isn’t usually seen in other types of hunting. If you are fond of hunting that involves an extraordinary amount of stealth and cunning, quail hunting may be perfect for you.

Quail is considered a delicacy across the country. Their eggs are also used in high cuisine. Quail are particularly unique in that, unlike ducks, geese, or chicken, you don’t need to remove or eat around the bones; they are small and soft enough that you can swallow them without harm. However, due to their small size, you typically need several to make a meal.

Others engage in quail hunting for the trophies. Quails of all species are known for their petite sizes and a gorgeous array of colorful feathers, from dappled browns to flashes of muted blues and grays. For this reason, many choose to have their quails stuffed and put on display.

Quail hunting can be enjoyed alone or with a partner. While not necessary, most hunters also include a quality bird dog on their excursions. Not only do these dogs quietly point, signaling ahead of time where a covey is hiding, but they can also be useful for flushing birds into flight and retrieving any kills. Ideally, a retrieving dog should handle the bird gently and allow you to take it from them without resistance. Sometimes it’s possible to rent good birding dogs if you don’t have the time to train your own.

However, when it comes to quail hunting, it’s important to keep in practice. Tension runs high during this type of hunting, requiring an innate knowledge of your gun, your fellow hunters, and your birding dog. To avoid friendly fire, shooting skeet is a good way to grow accustomed to the unique style of waiting and shooting. Learning basic gun safety, such as how to position yourselves throughout a hunting session to avoid accidental shooting, is also a must for beginning hunters.

If you’d rather enjoy a bit of luxury with your quail hunting, guided hunting tours are available across the country. Guided hunting is a great way to spend a three day weekend or short vacation. Essentially, trained experts hunt with you in designated areas. Once you’re through with your fun, you get to return to a private cabin or camping areas to enjoy meals, talks, and more. Learn more today about how quail hunting can benefit you!

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