Bushnell 24MP Trophy Cam HD No Glow Trail Camera with Color Viewer, Camo (4-Pack)

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Item ASIN: B071VM47RJ
Top Feature :
Long-range shooting at up to 100 feet without disturbing wildlife / 48 No-Glow black LED flash array with 80′ range and Passive Infrared motion sensor with 100′ range

Item Description:

The Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 24MP No-Glow Trail Camera (Camo) is a high-performance trail cam designed to operate without alerting game. It has a 48 No-Glow Black LED flash array that operates from 80 feet of your target, plus a PIR motion sensor that reaches 100 feet away. It also shoots super-clear photos and videos at a very fast shutter speed, and it’s built to last through the rigors of outdoor use. No-Glow models have all of the features of the No Glow models, but they add the brightest night vision of the Trophy Cam line. Long Range Shooting Without Disturbing Game The Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 24MP No-Glow Trail Camera is designed to operate without alerting nearby game or intruders, despite its 48 Low-Glow black LED flash array with a range of 80 feet. In addition to its long-range LED flash array, this camera has a hyper passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor can detect action at 100 feet away or more. Its removable “ARD” anti-reflection LED cover keeps the cam unnoticed because it reduces reflections on the LED array’s protective panel. If you want to boost the camera’s flash output, you can remove the cover. This camera offers unmatched hyper night vision and brightness. No-Glow Black LEDs are invisible to game and other hunters and make for great security surveillance. High Quality Imaging The Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 24MP No-Glow shoots in extremely clear 20-megapixel image resolution. It has a super-fast trigger speed of 0.2 seconds, and the shutter is ready to take another photo after just a half second of recovery time. It takes 1080p dynamic video with audio. It can take full resolution images and video simultaneously when you enable Hybrid Capture Mode. Bundle Includes: (4) Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 24MP No-Glow Trail Camera (Camo)

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