Cuddeback 2 Flash Invisible IR Game Trail Cameras + Wireless 4 Each

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Package includes 2 Cuddeback dual flash IR game cameras with 2 wireless network caps to check all your game cameras from home

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Before the next hunting season begins, be sure to get the complete picture of your property by investing in the Cuddeback Dual Flash 20MP Invisible Infrared Game Camera, a trail cam that gives you unparalleled reconnaissance potential to see when, where, and how the deer are moving. This package includes 4 game cameras and 4 wireless network caps to check all your game cameras from home. This 20-megapixel camera features a 100-foot range, an industry leading 0.25-second trigger speed, and a 1-2 second recovery speed to ensure you’re capturing more high-quality images than ever. In addition, this camera features invisible black infrared flash, meaning game won’t be startled away when it goes off. With both Advanced and EZ settings control, as well as time-lapse, camera delay, burst, and day or night video with sound modes, this Cuddeback has more ways than ever to scout your property. Power up your Cuddeback Dual Flash 20MP Invisible Infrared Game Camera with 4 D batteries (not included) for a battery life of 12 months or 10,000 images. Use an SD card (not included) for long term recon and extra memory storage. A hunter is only as good as his gear, so choose the Cuddeback Dual Flash today. The days of checking each game camera are long gone. The Cuddeback CuddeLink Wireless Network Cap gives you the ability to check each of your game cameras from a single, strategically placed home camera. Set up multiple game cameras, without the extra leg work of covering more property. Transmission range between cameras is typically 0.25 to 0.50 miles and up to 1 mile in open range. By only checking a single camera, you keep the intrusion level low and the noise and human scent to a minimum. You don’t want to scare away the animals before the big day. Stay ahead of the game when you have the Cuddeback CuddeLink Wireless Network Cap.

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