Commander 3G AT&T 1080p HD Wireless Trail Camera

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AT&T SIM CARD INCLUDED: Snyper Wireless Trail Camera is GPRS compatible with AT&T / T-Mobile service. Snyper Recommends adding a data plan at AT&T “buy a session” Link for $25 / 3 months or $75 /12 months.

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Snyper Hunting Products was created to provide the most affordable products, with the highest quality, to the market. The Commander 3G Wireless Camera is simple to set up. We Highly recommend customers watch Youtube set up video after purchasing a Data plan for their included SIM Card. What batteries should I use?We HIGHLY suggest the use of 8 – AA Energizer Lithium batteries. Lithium batteries perform even in the most extreme temperatures and at a higher voltage, making lithium batteries perfect for outdoor devices. Camera life will be extended when using lithium batteries. Pictures are compressed for transmission through cellular network. The full size high quality images are saved on the game camera’s SD card for retrieval. 2 yr warranty. CAMERA SET UP Snyper Recommends Activating the SIM CARD and assigning a Phone Number to your Camera with AT&T service at AT&T PHONE: To Receive direct text on your AT&T phone, go to the “3G TAB” -> “SEND TO” ->”EMAIL 1″ -> enter “your number’ (Example: VERIZON PHONE: To Receive direct text on your Verizon phone, go to the “3G TAB” -> “SEND TO” -> “EMAIL 1” -> enter “your number’ (Example: T-MOBILE PHONE: To Receive direct text on your T-mobile phone, go to the “3G TAB” -> “SEND TO” -> “EMAIL 1” -> enter “your number’ (Example: Sprint and other Services….Use the Snyper App. SNYPER APP: To Receive photos to the Snyper App, first download the App by searching “Snyper Hunting” in the app store. Go to the “3G TAB” -> “SEND TO” -> “EMAIL 1” -> Use the Phone Number assigned to your activated SIM CARD . (Example

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