Spartan AT&T or VERIZON GoCam Deluxe Package Deal Blackout Infrared

List Price: $619.95
Item Price : $539.95-$619.95 Check Price
Item ASIN: B01N04HAS4
Top Feature :
Certified by USCC as Connected Device: The Spartan GoCamTM (Connected by U.S.Cellular) can be added to the existing U.S.Cellular data plan for $5.00/month as Connected Device1. No long term commitment required. Activate, deactivate or reactivate the plan at any time. The plan starts from $10.00/month without existing U.S.Cellular data plan.

Item Description:

When it comes to wireless scouting cameras, cellular coverage is important. Since coverage varies greatly from location to location, being able to choose from a wide variety of carriers is critical. Spartan GoCam is proud to announce the addition of U.S. Cellular as our fourth major carrier to support the Spartan GoCam line of products. As with all Spartan GoCam models, the U.S. Cellular models feature industry-leading image access and remote camera management via our smartphone app or web portal. With the most coverage options and the best camera interface, Spartan GoCam is the smart choice in wireless scouting cameras. **Batteries are not included**

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